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“ 28.2.2011 11:30
Gewohnt schwerer Abschied vom Meer. Jede Nacht bei offenem Fenster gelegen, das Rauschen gehört, die Wellen gesehen. ”

Wolfgang Herrndorf - Arbeit und Struktur

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“ „Es wäre so sinnlos gewesen sich umzubringen, dass er, selbst wenn er es hätte tun wollen, infolge der Sinnlosigkeit dessen dazu nicht imstande gewesen wäre. ”

Kafka, Der Prozess

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“ I wanna be with you. I wanna be used. ”

King Krule - Neptune Estate

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“ My generation is optimistic. There’s a lot of positivity to the creativity of people my age. I’d never want to be involved in economics and politics. But I’d definitely lead a creative movement, and collectivise people creatively and inspire the rest of the population. I’d like to unite artists around the world. My dream is to get a big room and fill it with really really nice girls, and they’re all creating. Some of them are dancing, some of them are painting, some of them are making music, and I just look out from my mezzanine in the morning and be like ‘Yo, everyone create.’ I’m gonna start a cult. I just wanna get rich and share it.” If he was mayor of London, he booms, “It would be fucked up. It would be full of slackers and people who don’t do what they’re told and just sit around and get high. It would be the most subjugated city in the world. And I could feed it. Let’s have a party here, let’s have a party there.” The title of his new album, 6 Feet Beneath The Moon, is a reference to being buried deep under your potential aspirations. He now appears fully exhumed and closer to his ambition, with the target now in sight, he has the will to “keep fucking doing better and better. Working on my art. Keeping it the most valuable thing in my life. It’s only the art that really stands above everything else, the only thing in my brain that makes me feel ‘Ah, I feel happy now because I’m creating.’ That’s the only thing. That’s my desire and what I’m gonna do. ”

King Krule (i-D Interview) 

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“ I was not born to be taught
I was born to be exposed in the storm
And held awhile ”

Mount Kimbie ft. King Krule  - You Took Your Time

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Wer hat gerade noch alles gemerkt, dass er dieses Semester fünf Hausarbeiten und vier Klausuren schreiben muss? Sehr gut geplant, sehr, sehr gut. Aber egal, dafür hab ich ein Seminar, das “Rap Revolution” heißt.

April 14, 2014

Mahlstrom - Im Übrigen bin ich der Meinung, dass Kathargo zerstört werden muss

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“ No, no, no, I was never scared
Pain had made my vision impaired
But now I’m free of care
See, life isn’t fair, then at least death’s there ”

King Krule - Cementality

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King Krule - Cementality (Live at WFUV)

i love you.

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Hallo Depression, da bist du ja endlich wieder. Ich hab dich schon vermisst.